Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Restoration 101: How To Revive Some Life Back Into Your Old Car Again

Do you drive around in an old car? If so, you’re probably getting nagged by your close family to “get rid of that lemon” and “buy a new car”! But if your car has served you well over the past few years, you will not want to get rid of your pride and joy. And why should you? If it still does its job, there’s no need to upgrade.


Some folks also hang onto their cars because they enjoy driving them and can’t see themselves in any other model. Others feel that their daily driver is, in fact, a future classic. Of course, one thing’s for certain: your car is probably looking a little tired!

It’s likely that making your car look like new again will stop people moaning about how you’re driving around in an old clunker. If you’ve decided “enough is enough” you are doubtless thinking of restoring your car to its former glory.

Today’s handy guide offers you some brilliant ways to transform your vehicle into the shining example it once was! Here is what you need to know:


One of the main areas that will need attention on your car is the bodywork. Over the years, stones and rocks flying up your car will have cut through into the base metal, causing rust to form. As you know, corrosion is a big deal on cars. If left untreated, your car could end up with more Bondo than filler!

The first part of your car to focus on will doubtless be the bodywork. Start by making a note of the areas that need your attention.

You might need to partially strip the car down to access any hidden areas of rust. Examples include under the hood or underneath the interior carpets.

Next, find out just how bad the damage is. Use an angle grinder to get those rusty areas back to bare metal. Once you know how bad the rust is, you can have a paint shop like The Auto Art prep the surface and respray the car for you.

Your respray costs will be cheaper if you can do as much prep work as possible. That usually means stripping away any engine and interior parts, door moldings, wing mirrors and so forth.


While your car is away getting a respray, you should focus your attention on the motor. After many years of loyal service, it’s likely that your engine will benefit from a partial or full rebuild. In other words, replacing many of the internal parts for new ones.

For instance, the camshaft lobes could have a lot of wear, causing a loss of power. The cylinder head(s) might need grinding down to be flat again. Especially if the motor overheated in the past and warped the metal.


It will come as no surprise to find that your interior, especially the seats, will be more than a little worn! The good news is that an automotive retrimmer can revive your seats to look like new again.

Not only can they recover them, but they can also replace the filling to make them more comfortable too! As you can imagine, it’s not a cheap task. But if it means your car is just like new again, the price tag is worth it. Good luck with your restoration project!