Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Silverstone circuit

Silverstone is an important part of British motoring history. Silverstone is based near Milton Keynes. The track has been in use for more than 50 years in one of the most loved and supported motor races; F1. Even if you haven’t heard of F1, you will probably recognise the name Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton is our current British World Champion driver. It is always great to see him win Silverstone, his home circuit. He currently holds the fastest lap as well. During an F1 season Silverstone is always used and is one of the most famous tracks of the season. Visitors come from all over the world to experience it for themselves. If you are wanting an experience day on the track, this guide will be very useful to you as to how to get the fastest lap.

One thing you must also consider is the weather. Britain is stereotyped for it’s unpredictable rainy weather and unfortunately it is true. Silverstone Boasts quite a few technical corners, but this handy picture guide does take the weather into account. Wet conditions are always harder to work with as they require a different technique. In F1 the cars can use ‘wet tires’, which helps the driver to tackle the circuit better.

Any motor sport enthusiast would be crazy not to want to visit Silverstone. It holds so much history, and has seen so many great motoring legends on its track. Of course in 50 years everything has changed, the cars, the drivers, even the circuit itself. After the death of Senna, a legend in the racing world; all the circuits were looked at to make conditions safer for drivers. This means that the Silverstone today is not the Silverstone it started out as. It does however, allow for the faster race pace of the 21st century with relative safety. Silverstone is loved by people all over the world because it is a very fast track. Perfect for people who love speed and intense racing. Combining the speed, the weather and the technical corners creates a track unlike any other. Drivers really get to show off what they and their cars can do on the track. So if you love a challenge and love speed, then Silverstone is a one in a life time experience for you.

This guided map is designed to help people wanting to drive on this historic track. All the stats and information you will need to plan your technique are outlines. Trying to familiarise yourself with the corners and the techniques suggested will really help you. Maybe you can do a faster lap than Lewis Hamilton! Imagine that? The most useful part of this article is the image so that you can visually see what corners we are referencing to and also so that you have a visualisation of the track as a whole. So what are you waiting for? Read on and unlock the secrets of the most unique racing circuit in British history.


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