Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
Need Of auto Repair

4 Signs Your Vehicle Is In Need Of Repair

Besides your engine billowing smoke, it’s not always easy to tell if your car is in need of repair. Sure, sometimes there are obvious signs – but sometimes, there aren’t! Your vehicle may need a little bit of love, but if you can’t see a problem, the problem will get worse.

So, in a general sense, how do you tell that your car is in dire need of repair? The following post will help you answer that question, and hopefully prevent any costly damage in the future!

Need Of auto Repair

Too much exhaust smoke

It’s not always easy to spot this one. When you’re driving, your exhaust isn’t exactly visible! In short, too much smoke coming from your exhaust is bad. Very bad. It’s ok in small, unnoticeable amounts, but when the issue gets heavy it’s time for repair. The color of the smoke can indicate the problem, too.

Blue tinted smoke informs you that there’s an oil leak inside the engine, while black indicates too much gas is being burnt. Another color, white, could indicate a coolant leak. Smoke is bad, no matter the color. If you notice some leaking from your exhaust, don’t hesitate to take the car in.


You topped up the fluid, but there’s still a warning light

You changed your engine coolant or power steering fluid, all sorted, right? Oh wait, that warning light on the dashboard is still on. Is the problem fixed? How do I tell? Is it safe to drive?

Simply put, a trip to the garage for a repair won’t be cheap, but a brand new car isn’t either. Which would you rather fork out for? A persistent warning light could be a sign that your engine is in trouble. It may be overheating, or beginning to fail.

And this links to a problem that many people forget about – the importance of fluids. Yes, you can use water as engine coolant temporarily, but you must take it to a garage afterward. Similarly, if your transmission fluid hasn’t been changed in a while, you could be in need of a transmission repair. Our cars are more reliant on these substances than we give them credit for, so bear that in mind!


Lack of power and performance

If your car lacks a punch, it could be a sign of an underlying problem. Perhaps it’s accelerating slowly, or it simply doesn’t move like it used to. Or maybe it takes ages to get warm, and has difficulty climbing hills.

Whatever the case, be on the lookout for any signs that might be related to performance issues. There’s a good chance that your engine is having problems, if this is the case. Send it in for a checkup immediately!


Excessive vibration

Some vibration is normal for any car, but a lot isn’t. It’s definitely not normal for a car to vibrate when you push the brakes, either. If your car does indeed vibrate excessively when you push the brake pedal, it could be a sign that you have damaged rotors.

It’s not always easy to tell whether certain vibrations are normal or not, though. Bumpy surfaces and acceleration speeds can all make our cars move, so how do you check? Slow right down, on a smooth surface, and apply your brakes gently. If the car vibrates excessively, you’ve found the source of the problem