Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
Ferrari F12

5 Ways To Drive The Car Of Your Dreams

Any of you reading this right now is more than capable of getting the opportunity to drive the car of your dreams. But, of course, many of you are just plain impatient. With this in mind, we thought we would give you a rundown of five ways you can make those dreams happen and buckle up for the ride of your life.

Ferrari F12

Work hard, save hard

Nothing written in the rest of this article can hold a candle to our first entry. Working hard and saving up any spare cash to buy your dream car is the best way of going about things by far. Why? Because it is an achievement in itself – and you have earned the right to buy. Don’t worry about the fact you will be scared stiff of taking it out of the garage. Or that your insurance payments will cause you palpitations. It will all be worth it when you fire her up and get moving.

Go vintage

OK, so it might not quite be the car of your dreams, but an earlier version of it. The old automotive market is a great place to pick up a bargain although even better if you have a little mechanical skill. You can pick up an old and battered Ferrari for a couple of thousand dollars, for example, and after a year or two of tinkering you could have it up to speed again. Have a look around and see what luxury cars you can find. It does take a lot of work, and it will suck away your time like nobodies business.

Hire one

If you really are impatient and can’t wait until you have earned it, then just hire one. Plenty of companies offer exotic car rental, so sign up to a service and see if you can get one for the weekend. It goes without saying that you must take care while driving it, as any little dink – or major crash – could cost you a lot of money.

Race Track Day

Plenty of people go on race track days, but many don’t realize that you very rarely get to go behind the wheel of the luxury cars. What you can do though, is get your face known. Once you are a regular, you never know what strings people might pull – and if you are enthusiastic enough, you might even land a job at one of the finest race tracks in the world.

Start A Racing Career

OK, so this one might be a little fanciful for most of you, but really: why not? If you are a good driver, then start karting more regularly. Karting gives you almost all of what you will ever learn about racing cars. You’ll also need a special license. And once you are up and running, you only need a cheap car, and you can make your own adjustments and go to an amateur drag race. Check your local race track for details. If you are any good, then it won’t be long until you’re behind the wheel of an F1 supercar, and surely the Lamborghini sponsorship will follow!

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