Fri. Apr 19th, 2024
modified Car

Easy Ways To Improve Your Car and Make It Elite

If you have just bought a second-hand car, you may already be unimpressed with the way it looks or feels. Maybe you bought a new car, and you still think it could do with some improvements. However, you may be put off by the time or cost involved. Instead, you will settle for a machine that you do not feel proud to drive. But it does not have to be that way. There are easy and cheap methods of improving your vehicle. It does not matter whether you have an old Ford Ka or a huge SEAT Alhambra. Try some of these solutions and you will feel like you are driving a new Porsche.

modified Car

Look Good, Feel Good

If you want to be feel pride when driving your car, it has to look good. There are simple ways to do this. You can change the paintwork. Change a sickly looking brown into a royal red. Or how about adding some racing stripes. We are not five. We know they will not make the car go fast, but they sure will look cool.

Other Aesthetic choices include adding a spoiler. Again, this will have very little impact on the ride, we will get to that later. But adding a spoiler can make any family car look like a speedster.

Do not forget about the inside the car. You can get fancy seat covers or if you feel a little more adventurous new seats. Some racing seats will add extra comfort to your ride no matter how good or bad its suspension is.

A smooth ride

Now we will look at some ways to improve your car’s stats. Some of these ideas may make your vehicle feel more comfortable or increase its top speed. If you want to save some cash while improving your vehicle, you need to reduce the weight. This can be as simple as clearing out the boot. You would be amazed how fast the weight adds up. Clear out your car and feel the difference when you’re out on a drive. An extra load will affect handling and fuel efficiency so now might be the time to start shedding those pounds.

Buy better equipment. If you bought your car secondhand and did not do the appropriate checks chances, some parts of the vehicle may not be working properly. These can be easily replaced. For example, replacing old spark plugs and air filter can improve your car’s horsepower. Try visiting a car breakers yard to get those difficult to buy parts.

You can also look into buying new tires. If you keep a good set of tires in a high quality condition, you will improve your braking speed and ensure a safer drive. Buying good quality rims will also help enable your car to handle those tight bends with ease.

If you have some money lying around, then you can look into improving your suspension. This will cost you, but a fantastic suspension is the difference between a new BMW and a Mitsubishi Colt.

Follow this advice and you can look forward to a fantastic driving experience. It will not have cost as much as a new sports car, but you may find it certainly feels like one.