Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
Cost Of Motoring

How To Drive Down The Cost Of Motoring

We live in an age where the cost of owning a car is becoming out of reach of many people’s budgets. Increasing taxes, insurance and fuel costs are some things that put pressure on our budgets.

But if you are feeling the pinch, what if I told you that there are some clever ways to drive down the cost of your motoring expenses? In today’s handy guide, I will walk you through some ways to reduce the cost of keeping your car on the road. You can thank me later!

Cost Of Motoring

Be a better driver

Jumping into the driver’s seat and racing down the road is a surefire way of getting fined by the police, and using too much fuel!

If you have a habit of driving too quick because you are late for appointments, the simple answer is to leave earlier and drive slower. You will spend less money filling your tank up with fuel, and you will also have a clean driving licence.

Stick to service schedules

Motorline Direct recommends that you don’t skip servicing your car to save money. Service schedules are there for a reason: to keep your engine as efficient and healthy as possible.

Skipping services is a false economy, because you will soon have to pay more money to fix broken engine components. You can choose where to service your car, or if you’re a keen DIYer, you can service your car yourself to save on labour costs.

Just make sure that you have some basic workshop tools and a manual for your car, so that you don’t break anything by mistake!

Buy your fuel from the cheapest local filling station

Some people buy their petrol or diesel from the same filling station, regardless of price. The truth is, you could save big amounts of money each year by throwing your brand loyalty out the window!

There are websites and smartphone apps that can give you live fuel prices in your area. The savings you make will be worth it – trust me!

Use alternative transport when you can

Do you have a good public transport network near your home? If you sometimes travel to a major city, it can often be cheaper and more convenient to get on the bus or train instead of driving there.

Find out how much certain journeys cost by car and public transport, and go with whatever’s the cheapest. As a by-product, your car insurance will become cheaper. That is because your annual mileage will be less. You are less likely to make a claim on your policy for accidental damage, for example!

Ditch the junk

Are you driving around in a car full of junk and rubbish? If so, get rid of it! The more weight that your car has, the harder your engine will have to work. Extra weight causes increased drag, and so your engine will need more fuel to maintain your desired speeds.

Post up below if you have found these tips useful. Thanks for reading!