Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
Selling More Cars

Selling More Cars By Working Smarter

The automobile industry is one of the most competitive with companies from all over the globe trying to become the most dominant in a region. Locally the markets can be quite competitive with even moderately large cities having dozens of options. Putting your sales team to the grind is fine but this is not sustainable as you have to keep morale up as the owner or manager. Working smarter by bringing in more qualified leads is not as difficult as you might think. Some owners turn to advertising when it is marketing that can really bring in the customers. The following are ways that you can sell more cars by working smarter.

Selling More Cars

Digital Marketing Works

The days of putting up some huge inflatable prop being enough to bring customers into a car dealership are gone. Consumers are more educated than ever before so it is important to invest time and money into digital marketing. Many people are going to pick the dealership that comes up first in their search. Being on the first page and in the local Google results is a recipe for success. This can be done through a mixture of website optimization, content marketing, social media, and listing your dealership in as many local directories as possible. Responses to both positive and negative reviews are imperative as people will look at this as a sign that your dealership cares about the customer.

Add Custom Perks

Adding perks to certain cars like a classic muscle car can help sell the car nearly immediately. Traction bars for a car like this is the perfect example as many people would love to show how their car gets off the line as quickly as possible. Interiors should also be offered so it is important to team up with a professional that specializes in this if you do not already have them on staff. Many people want things to be custom in their cars to make it special to them so offer an array of options beyond what usually goes into the stock vehicle.

The Sales Team Needs to Know The Inventory

There are just some people who can sell nearly everything as they have the right balance of character as well as charisma. Very few people can sell something without having knowledge of the product. A sale can be lost nearly immediately if a routine question cannot be answered. A car on the floor should be memorized when it comes to price, additional options, and even estimated payment per month. Down times for the sales teams where very few customers are being helped should be used to study these details. New inventory should be updated daily on the website as well as for the sales team in order for the car to be sold as quickly as possible.

Selling more cars month to month will make a huge difference by the end of the year for the dealership. This will also help increase the quality of life for your sales team which will be making more in commission. Being able to tell a potential sales all-star that the average sales team member makes 6 figures is sure to bring in all the selling talent possible.