Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
Toyota Prius

Should You Give Into The Hype And Buy A Hybrid Car?

Go down to visit a few car dealers and you will soon realize that there is plenty of choice when it comes to buying new and used cars. In fact, there is so much choice you will have to spend a lot of time narrowing down a rather large shortlist of suitable models!

Toyota Prius

Car manufacturers are keen to push hybrid technology. They are making a big deal of this because they feel it is the future of motoring as we know it. There are thousands of happy hybrid owners in this world. But should that mean you need to buy a hybrid car too?

The answer will depend on what your automotive needs are. But first, let me explain what hybrid cars are!

Hybrid cars – in a nutshell

The term “hybrid car” refers to a vehicle that has a small engine and an electric motor. The idea is the electric motor drives the car at low speeds or for a short distance, and then the gas or diesel engine takes over.

One of the world’s most popular hybrid cars is the Toyota Prius, shown above. Although it isn’t notable for its good looks, the Prius does offer excellent gas mileage. And because Toyota builds it, you know it’s reliable.


In theory, hybrid cars sound like great eco-friendly vehicles. The only trouble is; there are a few bugbears surround hybrid cars.

First, there is the cost. They are more expensive to buy than conventional gas and diesel cars. That’s because you are paying extra for the electric motor and battery. The former of which perhaps being the most-expensive component.

The next sticking point are the batteries themselves. To try and keep costs down, some car manufacturers lease the batteries to consumers rather than selling them as part of the car.

That’s because they will cost a lot to replace. Hybrid batteries are often only guaranteed between five and eight years on average.

The final bugbear is the cost of ownership. If you buy a hybrid car from new, you would have to keep the car for at least 15+ years to break-even on the buying costs. Although this problem can get eliminated by just leasing the car for three years or so.

The good bits

Now that I’ve gone through the bugbears of owning a hybrid car let me tell you about the good bits!

There are plenty of hybrid cars on the market. In fact, you only have to head down to your local Hilton Garage to see a few on the forecourt! But what if you’re not a fan of the Prius styling, and you want a high-performance car? You will be pleased to learn that you can now buy Porsche hybrid cars.

Of course, not everyone can afford to buy a Porsche. There are still plenty of powerful hybrid cars for sale by other brands. I recommend doing a quick Google search to find out what’s available, as there are too many to list here in this blog post!

Thanks for reading. Until next time…!