Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
European Road Trip

What You Might Need for Your European Road Trip

Europe really does have some of the best driving routes, offering you fabulous views of some of the finest scenery in the world. From French vineyards to Swiss mountain roads you’ll be spoilt for choice and what’s arguably the best part is you can stumble across such wonders purely by accident when driving around.

European Road Trip

The last thing you want though, whether you’re driving to a holiday destination, or simply taking a road trip is for any problems or car-issues to spoil your good time. So to safeguard any journeys you have planned, here are a few examples of things you might need for your European road trip.

Get Covered

Before you even set off you need to prepare for the worst and get appropriate breakdown cover. You should choose a specialist provider like Breakdown Direct who has cover specifically for European driving. This way you can put your mind at ease as you know that wherever you are, and whatever the language barrier, you are protected if you have any difficulties.

Planning your Route

Another pre-journey factor to take into consideration is your route. While there’s something to be said for going ‘off-piste’ so-to-speak and seeing where the roads take you, this can be risky and you might end up lost.

Take the time to plan your route (especially if you’re going across several countries) and get an idea of the main routes you’ll be travelling on. Also, check for any issues or closures on some of these roads and plan based around these. Of course, you can invest in a Satnav too, but it’s worth having an idea of where you’re going before you leave.


Not all countries in Europe use the Euro as their currency, so depending on where you’re heading make sure you have the right money. With many toll roads and fuel stops on the way, take out a little bit more than you need just in case.

Cultural Understanding

Something that has caught people out in the past is how different driving in other countries can be. Expect to encounter different speed limits, road signs and attitudes towards driving as you cross the borders.


Finally, along with the above, something else that can make your road trip even better is the right company. Friends and family are perfect to share your journey with but if you’re going solo, make sure you take some music and podcasts to listen to on the way.