Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
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When Driving Collides with the Law: What You Need to Know

The laws on the road are pretty strict. It may make some drivers groan, but it really shouldn’t. After all, all of those laws are what keeps everyone safe. If you’re caught breaking them and face a legal penalty as a result, then there isn’t much room for complaint I’m afraid!

Police Interceptor

The problem, for the most part, seems to be that people underestimate how dangerous it is to break these laws. Here are the laws that are most commonly broken on the road.

Not wearing a seatbelt

Come on. Really? Isn’t this rule, like, Driving 101? When you get in the car it’s the first thing you’re supposed to do. There’s basically no excuse. But so many people drive around with a seatbelt on, for whatever reason. What the penalty is usually depends on what state you’re in.

Usually, the penalty is a simple ticket or a fine. But if you’re not wearing a seatbelt and breaking another law, then things will get a lot worse for you. Remember: even if your seatbelt isn’t working, that isn’t going to cut it with the authorities. Fix problems before hitting the road!

Distracted driving

Using your phone. Eating. Putting on makeup or shaving. Rubbernecking. Trying to pick something up that fell onto the floor. These are all things that you shouldn’t be doing while driving.

Yes, we get that life is a stress and that multitasking is more essential today that it ever was. But when you’re behind the wheel, you should only be focused on driving. And if such behavior was the cause of someone else crashing into you, then you can take legal action. You can always look into getting a car accident lawyer if an accident wasn’t your fault.

Driving while drunk

It seems that people overestimate their ability to react when they’re intoxicated. Sure, it’s entirely possible that you could get home safely. Maybe you have the concentration power and stability to there okay – if there are no obstacles.

People will argue that alcohol affects everyone differently. This is true, and you should certainly get to know your own limits. But at the end of the day, if you’re over the defined limit, then you’ll be in trouble. There are many ways you can get arrested for drunk driving.

Certain mechanical problems

Things like faulty brakes, flat tyres, broken lights and busted windshield wipers will not impress the cops. Some people think it’s ridiculous that police will issue fines for certain car problems. Isn’t it enough of a hassle that you have the problem in the first place? Don’t you have enough to worry about, money-wise? You’ve got to pay for a fix fairly soon, after all!

Well, when you have these problems you need to fix them before you head back out onto the road. Otherwise, you’re putting the safety of other drivers at risk, as well as any passengers you happen to be travelling with. When you remember that, it doesn’t seem so unfair that the police will penalize you.