Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
Focus ST-Line Models

Ford Announce New Fiesta and Focus ST-Line Models

Ford has announced that it’s launching two new cars. New versions of the Fiesta and Focus will be called ST-Lines. They are going to be sporty editions of the existing two cars, adding new features and design elements. They will be similar to what we have seen from the ST hatchbacks that we have seen in the past. But not quite the same. For a start, these ST-Line models will be more affordable for ordinary drivers. The fuel efficiency will be better, in exchange for the fact that they won’t perform quite as highly as the ordinary ST cars do.

Focus ST-Line Models

Among the features that will in place is sports suspension. This should make for a smoother and more enjoyable drive for anyone who buys an ST-Line Ford. The alloy wheels will also be designed differently from before. Inside the cars, there will be a new sports steering wheel, as well as sports seats and new pedals. All in all, this will simply mean that the cars have a bit more luxury for drivers, as well as refined details. Ford is clearly trying to recreate the sharp design that you can find on the older ST model Ford cars.

The external design of the car is a bit different too. The style is a little more sporty, and a diffuser, as well as a lip spoiler, have been added to the back of the car. The foglights on the front of the car are newly designed with dark surrounds. And the grille also has a new honeycomb design. There’s no doubting the fact that the car looks good. It’s much more dynamic than the ordinary Fiesta and Focus models offered by Ford. But will that be enough to persuade people to upgrade to this car rather than simply buying an ordinary model?

The past Fiesta and Focus models have generally been very successful. They are among the most common cars on the road, and that’s because they manage to meet the needs of drivers. The affordability of these cars is second to none too. You can see this by looking at the options at a Bloomington Ford dealer. So, with that in mind, will people be willing to spend more money on a sporty and efficient version instead? Well, Ford currently believes (or hopes) that these ST-Line cars will take up about a tenth of all Fiesta and Focus purchases in the future. If this proves to be true, the company will have done well.

The Fiesta ST-Line will be fitted with the three-cylinder Ford EcoBoost petrol engine, as you’d expect. You can make your own choices though. There are 99bhp, 123bhp or 138bhp versions of the engine that you can choose between. And there is a diesel option you can buy as well. The Focus ST-Line has a couple of different diesel options. And the petrol engine options have a more powerful 180bhp option to take advantage of. The Fiesta will have three or five-door options. And the Focus can be bought in an estate option or as a five-door car.