Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Why An Electric Car Might Make Perfect Sense For You

The car industry describes all-electric cars as the future of motoring. It’s an important segment, especially as they are trying to come up with ways to build low or zero-emission vehicles.

Many governments are pushing the car industry to build cars that don’t add to the world’s greenhouse gas problems. Some folks think that diesel cars offer low emissions. But did you know that many diesels can be worse for the environment than cars that run on gas?


It’s not just the world’s governments and car makers that have a vested interested in electric car technology. The world of motorsport is also interested too! The first FIA Formula E race begins in Beijing in a couple of weeks’ time.

If you are thinking of buying a car soon, should you be considering an all-electric one instead of a conventional gas or diesel one? In the United States, the electric car market is growing. And while it’s a small slice of the car market, it’s one that is growing each day.

Intrigued? Here are some reasons why an all-electric car might make perfect sense for you!

They are great for local journeys

It’s no big secret that electric cars have a limited range. Most of them have a range of 80 to 100 miles. But there are advances in battery technology that is pushing those boundaries. For example, the Tesla Roadster shown above has a range of 200 miles!

To give you a comparison, I drive a small compact with a gas engine. I can usually get a range of 250 to 300 miles with “mixed” driving before I need to buy gas for my car!

If your driving usually consists of local journeys, any electric car will be good for your requirements.

They are quiet

Some folks have sensitive hearing. So to drive a car with a noisy diesel engine, for instance, is akin to standing next to a loudspeaker at a Linkin Park concert!

One of the big selling points about electric cars is that they are near-silent on the road! The only noises you hear are from the electric motors, tires and the wind. One of the biggest bugbears about today’s cars is how noisy they are. Well, now electric cars can solve that problem!

They don’t take long to charge

Bill from the Pentagon Group says there is a common misconception about electric cars. A lot of people assume that it takes at least 12 hours to charge an electric car.

But thanks to fast DC charging technology, it is possible to charge an electric car to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes! The news is welcome by people that lead busy, fast-paced lives that don’t have the time to hang around waiting for their cars to charge.

And don’t forget, DC chargers for electric cars aren’t the sole domain of public places and inner-city streets. Electric car owners can get them installed at their homes too.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and buy an electric car today!