Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
Toyota GT86

Why Millions Of Motorists Have A Secret Love Affair With Toyota

Toyota is a well-known car brand. The Japanese automaker has sold millions of cars around the world over many generations. They are also the parent company of luxury car brand Lexus.

Toyota GT86

A friend of mine came up to me the other day and asked me why Toyota cars are so popular with motorists. I thought I would take his question and answer it in the form of a blog post. A bit odd, you might think. But I wanted to share the reasons why with you too!

They are Japanese

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that Toyota is a Japanese car company. But why should the fact that they are Japanese make any difference whether they are a great car brand or not?

It turns out that it makes an enormous difference! It’s a well-known fact that Japanese firms take pride in the quality of the products they produce. Teams of people do inspections on the cars produced before the vehicles are allowed out of the factory.

Japanese firms like Toyota also invest a lot of money to use the latest car-building technology too. That means the margin for error with components gets reduced a lot.

They are reliable

One of the primary reasons why people buy Toyota cars is because they are so reliable! Taxi drivers, for example, prefer Toyota models over other brands because they do a lot of mileage each year.

Toyota cars are well-built. As long as their owners maintain them to the correct standard, they will pretty much keep going forever! I’ve owned a lot of different cars in the past. And I have to confess that the Toyotas I’ve owned in the past never let me down on the road.

The “cool factor”

Another reason Toyota is so popular is because of the cool factor that the brand has. OK, not all of their models are “cool.” But there’s no denying iconic models like the Supra, Celica and the GT 86 aren’t cool!

I drove past my local Inchcape Toyota the other day and spotted a GT 86 on the forecourt. It reminded me of how Toyota can produce such stunning cars! And let’s not forget the cars produced by their luxury car division, Lexus. Do a Google search for the Lexus RC F and you will see what I mean!

They don’t cost a fortune to buy

One of the main driving factors (excuse the pun) behind any car purchase is the price. No-one wants to pay over the odds for their vehicle. One thing I love about Toyota is the fact they sell cars that everyone can afford!

Their models are priced well in the market. Even the brand new models are reasonable on price. Which is more than can be said for their competitors! As a rule, I don’t tend to buy brand new cars. But if I decided to ignore that rule, Toyota would be high up on the list of car marques that I would consider.