Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
Highly polished engine

The Ultimate Truck Maintenance Guide

Whether you use your truck for the driving pleasure or you need it as part of your business, keeping it well maintained is essential. You may think that trucks have changed a lot in the last 60 years or so. In many ways they have, they contain more electrical elements today than they ever did. The engines are more advanced and more fuel efficient. The suspension has vastly improved, giving the driver a smoother ride. The tyres ensure that they have true on-road and off-road capabilities.

Highly polished engine

However, there are three essential maintenance elements that just haven’t changed over the years. Ensuring that these are checked on a regular basis can be the difference between a working truck and one that sits idle on your driveway.

As trucks have changed over the years, the more maintenance is required. If you want to minimise your visits to an auto specialist, there are a number of maintenance elements that you can do yourself. It is reassuring to know that there are companies, like RC Auto Specialists, that specialise in truck maintenance.

Here are the three things you should maintain on a regular basis:

1. Oil

For many people, oil is the blood that flows through your trucks engine. Oil is what provides your truck with working and moving parts. When your truck is in motion, the heat from the moving parts in your truck will break down the oil. When the truck is idle, the oil pulls itself back together. This constant shift in the oil between moving and idle wears the oil down. When this happens, the oil will become too thin to work efficiently, therefore, an oil change is needed. Ensuring that the oil is changed on a regular basis will keep your truck moving and the parts working. Failure to check and change the oil may mean an expensive trip to the garage.

2. Air Filter

We like to breathe in the clean air, wherever we are. The same goes for your truck. A clean air filter ensures that your truck goes further for longer. When an air filter gets clogged up, it reduces the air and air quality that reaches your engine. It would be like humans breathing air through a dirty sock. It is not a pleasant thought. You will need to change your truck’s air filter at regular intervals. This usually depends on where you drive your truck and for how long (miles). If you use your truck in rural areas, with plenty of dirt tracks, you will have to change your air filter more regularly.

3. Tyres

Like air filters above, the life expectancy of your tires will depend on how and where they are used. Tyres are one of the most important parts of your truck. They are the link between your truck and the road, so keeping them in good shape is vital. A good tyre can be the difference between staying on the road and skidding of it. It is better to replace worn tyres than it would be to replace other parts of your truck if you were involved in an accident.