Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Why More Mechanics Are Taking Their Business On The Road – Literally!

When we’ve got a problem with our cars, we take them to a mechanic’s garage. Most of us are well-versed with the procedure. We drop our cars off and pick them up later when the work gets completed.

Some mechanics have done away with the traditional methods of vehicle repair. Instead, they come out to you and fix your car at home or work! There is a growing trend of mobile mechanics these days. What’s driving people to operate such a business model?


Most of us lead busy lives. Some people just don’t have the time to drive their vehicles to a repair shop and return again later. Enterprising mechanics seek to capitalise on such a problem by offering a unique solution.

Mobile mechanics have a van stocked with all the tools, machinery and spare parts that they need. They can carry out all kinds of routine repairs and maintenance at almost any location.

Lower Overheads

A mechanic that operates his or her own garage will have a lot of costs to bear. They range from licences through to HR and administration expenses.

Lower Insurance

Another cost that is often quite high is motor trade insurance. It’s a necessary expense to bear. But, it is possible for mobile mechanics to get cheaper premiums. Is motor trade insurance a necessity? In a word, yes. The following facts explain the different policies available and what they cover:


Last, but not least, mobile mechanics enjoy taking to the open road. It sure beats working inside a closed workshop all day long!


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