Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
Ford Vignale

Can Ford Tempt Away Some Jaguar XE Buyers With The Mondeo Vignale?

The Jaguar XE is a luxurious executive car that often gets seen on the road. It gets used by people in the business world, and those that like to travel in style. Let’s face it; a Jaguar is perhaps one of the best car brands to get associated with!

Ford Vignale

One downside for the Jaguar XE is that it’s got some competition. In fact, quite a few car makers have built models with the aim of stealing potential Jaguar XE buyers away. A recent example of this is Ford, believe it or not.

The well-known car manufacturer has started work on a luxury line of existing models. Today I am going to talk to you about the flagship model, the Ford Mondeo Vignale. Oh, and in case you wondered, it gets pronounced “vin-ya-lay”!

Why buy a Ford?

There’s no denying that the Jaguar XE is a premium car built by a premium brand. Not so long ago, Ford owned Jaguar, believe it or not. Of course, nowadays the UK car brand is under Indian ownership from the Tata Group.

If you want to buy a Jaguar XE, why would you get a Ford instead? Some of you reading this may think this is something of a downgrade. But, money is often the deciding factor when buying a car these days. Yes, a Ford Mondeo Vignale might be cheaper than a Jaguar XE. Still, that doesn’t mean it can’t compete on features!

A premium buying experience

The Ford Mondeo Vignale offers a spec even higher than the top of the range Titanium trim. The Detroit-based car manufacturer wants to set apart the Vignale from the rest.

For a start, the car buying experience is different when you opt for a Vignale. You get assigned a dedicated “relationship manager” instead of just talking to any salesperson. Their job is to ensure that the Vignale meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

First of all, one would need to check out some TCH locations for their nearest dealer. Upon entering one, you get directed to a special lounge exclusive to Vignale customers. Boasting comfort and privacy, it’s akin to sitting in the first-class lounge at an airport. You can even enjoy some complimentary Nespresso coffee!

Once you’ve discussed your new Vignale, you can opt for some stylish accessories. They are a range of stylish crafted items like weekend bags, money clips and more.

A premium car?

I know what you’re thinking: “it’s still just a Mondeo”! But, the Vignale is more than just a typical Mondeo. Aside from receiving a concierge service, you also end up behind the wheel of a premium vehicle.

For example, the interior comprises of hand-stitched premium leather. And the design elements are just as comparable to those in the Jaguar XE. And let’s not forget that Ford’s engineering input means you end up with a reliable premium car.

Under the bonnet, one can opt for a 2.0-litre diesel or petrol unit. There’s also the option to select the hybrid electric powertrain.

It’s worth experiencing the Vignale if you’re looking to upgrade to a Jaguar XE soon.