Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
Nissan Juke

Is The Nissan Juke The Crossover For You?

Just two short decades ago the roads were filled with gas-guzzling SUVs, and the prevailing thought was the larger the vehicle, the better. Then gas prices started to rise, and people began thinking about their carbon footprint. It wasn’t just about being green, either; there was an audience somewhere in between the sedan and the SUV who were not too excited about either option.

Nissan Juke

Enter the crossover! What the crossover did was make the SUV all but obsolete, and even made the sedan-lovers take a second look. After more than a decade, the crossover has been perfected and redesigned, and each manufacturer has put their own feel and spin on it. The problem is that if you are already attached to your car, you might be wondering why they can’t ever leave anything alone.

If you are in love with your older version of the Nissan Juke, fear not — the newer one is going to be like its older, hotter sister. Those who are looking for the spaciousness of an SUV, but want better gas mileage and more compatibility on the road and while parking will find that the Nissan Juke fulfills all their needs. Coming in both AWD and 4WD, it can go from beach to mountains without fail and can even take the adventurer in you off-roading.

It’s a well-proportioned car for someone who is looking for a less intimidating ride; the targeted audience will find that the Nissan Juke was designed perfectly. Oversized rear-view windows are a great addition, as is all the glass that gives you better visibility whether you are on or off the road. With excellent pinion steering and a great balance with which to grip the road, the Juke was made to encounter any condition you can throw at it.

A sleek design is something that Millennials will love. The larger-sized wheels are a great addition to a smaller car and can help it to be an all-terrain vehicle of great proportions. The SUV feel gives you all the space you need, but it doesn’t overpower you. As it’s a lighter car, it also gives you better gas mileage than you get with other cars. The EPA rating is somewhere around 28 mpg, which isn’t as good as other subcompacts in this class, but is still a fairly good increase from the SUV standard of 18 to 20 mpg.

The Nissan Juke Surrey earned a three-star safety rating for rollover and frontal crashes, with a four-star overall rating from the National Highway and Safety Institute. As a result, you will know you are well-protected when you head out on your adventures. It also has good head restraints and roof and side strength. The only place it was lacking is that there is no front crash prevention or warning system on board.

The engine rating is fairly good with an 188hp engine. Highly aerodynamic, it has a unique and powerful suspension and brake tuning and steering capability. It comes in S, SV, SL and the Nismo and Nismo RS models, each with a higher price tag and better upgrades. The six-speed manual is only available in the Nismo and Nismo RS models.

The base price is really nice starting at about $20,000, and it provides enough cargo space for your day-to-day needs. Also coming as standard features are great technology options like push-button start, NissanConnectSM, a 5-inch display, and both music and Mobile App capacity. It also has music and phone Bluetooth connectivity. Those who own the Juke maintain that it is a fun ride that is non-intimidating.

A whole new breed of compact crossovers is hitting the market with similar price tags, options and styles. The Juke is somewhere between high-end and low, but it’s  just right for those who want the best in price and economy. It might not have all the bells and whistles, but it is affordable and all that you need for the right price point. Coming standard with the latest in technology, you can add extras to make it the car of your dreams.

If you love your Juke now, then you will love the newest version even more. Sometimes you just can’t improve much on things that are already excellent to begin with.