Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
MX-5 Speedster

Mazda Zooms Into Sema 2016 With Lighter Mx-5 Speedster And Rf Kuro Concepts

It’s almost time for the 2016 SEMA aftermarket show again, if you haven’t guessed already by the steady parade of early looks at various show cars. Mazda’s MX-5 creations are generally a highlight for us, unapologetic Miata junkies that we are. This year’s cars should be just as exciting as last year’s, one being a revision of last year’s Speedster concept and the other based on the brand new, sexy RF retractable targa top model. Both SEMA MX-5s were designed and built in-house at Mazda’s Irvine design studio.

MX-5 Speedster

This year’s Speedster is somehow even lighter than before. Mazda carved 100 pounds out of it, making it a staggering 350 pounds less than a production soft top model. It’s also been repainted in a color called “White Ether”, which we’re imagining looks something like the “Blue Ether” paintjob on last year’s highly reflective Speedster minus the blue tint. Mazda will probably never sell a roofless Miata or anything this lightweight, but maybe it should. It looks like it’d be a blast to drive at a road course.

And then there’s the RF Kuro concept, the first RF-based SEMA show car, which is shown in the teaser above. It doesn’t seem terribly extreme, to be honest. It’s wearing a matte charcoal paint, which explains the “Kuro” moniker – kuro means “charcoal” in Japanese. A set of 17-inch RAYS forged wheels and MX-5 Cup suspension, and that’s about it. Not to knock it; the RF is a sexy looking thing as it sits, and Cup suspension should make it handle even more like a go-kart.

Of course, both concepts will be fully revealed at the show next month in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for a dose of concept Miata hotness.