Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
Dodge Dart

Why Auto Buyers Have Their Sights Set On The 2015 Dodge Dart

Let’s face it; if you wanted to go out and buy a compact, you’d be spoilt for choice. There are scores of different models on the market, and so choosing one could prove to be a challenge. Of course, there is one car in particular that stands out from the rest. Yes, you might have guessed it; I’m talking about the Dodge Dart!

As you might already know, Dodge is part of the Chrysler and Fiat group of companies. It reportedly cost Fiat around $1 billion to design the current shape Dodge Dart. And it seems that their hard work has resulted in a car that’s proven to be a hit among American motorists.

Dodge Dart

But what are the main reasons that drive auto buyers towards the Dodge Dart? We did some investigation and found out some of those primary factors:

It’s stylish

It doesn’t matter if we aren’t car fans and don’t have gas coursing through our veins. Style is still something that we take into account when buying an auto. Car manufacturers design their vehicles in all kinds of different styles to appeal to wider audiences.

When you take a look at the latest-generation Dodge Dart, it’s plain to see that the design team got it right when styling the model. The car features a prominent front end, blended in contours and a body that’s deceptively large on the inside. Alloy wheels, of which there are a few options to choose from, finish off the car’s exterior.

It’s built in America

These days some people aren’t bothered about where their car gets made. However, if you’re a true patriot at heart, you’ll want to buy a car made in the United States. There’s just something that sets apart USA-designed and built cars from their competitors!

Yes, you could probably get a cheaper car if you bought a Japanese import, for example.  But, from an economic point of view, it makes sense to buy American. First off, you are helping to make our economy stronger. And don’t forget that you’re also helping to keep auto workers in jobs!

The latest-generation Dodge Dart is built at Chrysler’s Belvidere production plant in Illinois. At that factory, other fine vehicles like the Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot are also made.

There are manual and automatic options

We all know that most of us prefer to drive cars with automatic transmissions. What you might not know is that, with the Dodge Dart, you can also get a stick-shift too! The current model is available with six-speed versions of each.

Sometimes it can be hard to get the hang of driving a manual. I test-drove one at my local Dodge dealership as part of my research for this article, and I have to say it was a good drive! But, if you’d prefer to drive an automatic, that’s OK too. You can choose from one of two six-speed autos available for this model.

It handles like a go-kart

You wouldn’t usually expect a compact sedan or hatchback to offer mind-blowing handling on the road. In fact, most people would assume you’d only get that on premium or high-end vehicles. What might surprise you is that the Dodge Dart offers a phenomenal stock suspension setup!

Some people assume it handles like a smaller Charger or Challenger. In fact, the design is based on that of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta! Although, according to the car’s designers, the Dodge Dart has a slightly softer setup. Even taking that into account, the model will still keep you firmly planted to the road.

Safety is of paramount concern when buying a car these days. It seems that one of the key ingredients to the success of the Dodge Dart is the way it handles on the road. The Fiat-Chrysler group have taken great steps to ensure the Dart is a car that will keep its occupants safe.

There are three engine choices

Buyers of the Dodge Dart that I’ve spoken to have told me one important selling point for them was the range of engines available. Some automakers have a confusing array of motor choices, but the good news is that’s not the case here.

You can choose from one of three four-cylinder motors:

  • 1.4-liter turbocharged gas engine – Fiat-derived, 160 horsepower;
  • 2.0-liter gas engine – Chrysler-derived, 160 horsepower; and
  • 2.4-liter gas engine – Chrysler-derived, 184 horsepower.

As with the cars themselves, the three engines are also built in America. In fact, they are made in Dundee, Michigan.

So, to summarize, if you want a good all-around American car, you ought to go and check out the Dodge Dart. Plenty of other people have done the same so far!