Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
Revamping Your Campervan for Summer Adventures

Revamping Your Campervan for Summer Adventures

One of the many benefits to having a campervan is the ability to take off on some exciting adventures throughout the summer months and still have everything you need in one place. After a few months spent enjoying the comforts of your campervan throughout your many adventures, the interiors of your campervan can become slightly worn and begin to look a little bit dull. With summer, finally only a few months away, now is the time to revamp your campervan and ensure it’s a welcoming and cosy space for you to spend your summer enjoying!

Revamping Your Campervan for Summer Adventures

Fresh Furnishings

When it comes to the furniture in your campervan, it can begin to look tired after a few months of constant usage. The sofas in the campervan are often the main area that can start to look worn before any other furniture piece, due to the excessive usage throughout your stay in your campervan. The quality and appearance of your campervan furniture can actually have quite a large impact on the overall feel of your campervan, so keeping them fresh and maintaining them is essential. To save yourself some money, re-upholstering your furniture is a very popular choice. There are many benefits to re-upholstering your furniture, from having a fresh new look, to being able to update the pieces without spending replacing the furniture entirely. The aim for your campervan is to feel warm and welcoming, so providing cosy looking furniture is key to help you achieve this.

Cosy Bedroom

The amount of time spent in your campervan throughout your travels requires you to have a comfortable, relaxing space to go back to. There’s nothing more frustrating than not having a welcoming, cosy bed to get into on an evening. Many people assume campervans are cramped and uncomfortable, however this isn’t the case. Introducing items such as a rock and roll bed to your campervan will instantly provide you with a comfortable space to sleep, as well as help to utilise the space you have available. You can then look at adding some warm bedding to create the perfect bedroom area. Dependant on the style of your campervan, you should opt for stylish bedding that will add character and style to your campervans décor. By simply replacing the old bedding with some fresh new sheets and covers you can instantly revive the current décor and make your campervan feel fresh and updated.

Creative Cabinets

Storage is essential when spending a considerable amount of time in your campervan, especially when it comes to storing key items that you don’t have in your vehicle all year long. If you want to revamp your storage, adding some stylish cabinets is really beneficial. Cabinets are ideal for storing all kinds of essential items and with smaller ones positioned neatly around your campervan, you can dedicate certain ones for specific items such as toiletries, cooking essentials and so on. You can even add cabinets with stylish designs or finishes to add a little more character to the space you have.

Keep it Private

Just like your home, your campervan needs to be a safe and secure space for you and your family to enjoy. By introducing certain features to help add privacy to your campervan, you can instantly make the vehicle feel safer and not have to worry about others being able to see inside. Introducing features such as silver screens, curtains and blinds are ideal for covering the windows and controlling the visibility from your campervan. Similarly, you may want to add a little privacy to the interior of your campervan, in which case adding a room divider will be very beneficial. Room dividers are ideal for sectioning off certain areas of your campervan and being able to control the privacy you have.