Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Smartphone Apps For Car Owners

Top 5 Smartphone Apps For Car Owners

Let’s face it, our daily commutes are unplanned that leave us guessing if we could or not find a traffic-free road to workplace and acquire a parking spot. Just like all the modern day conveniences, our smart phone can facilitate our journeys too! Trusted car parts dealers have been helping car owners for years. Today, they have found top 5 smartphone apps for car owners. From navigation apps to the ones that could help you find cheap gas stations, these bring convenience for motorists.

Smartphone Apps For Car Owners

  1. Gas Buddy

Setting out on a long trip? You may need to reconsider your fuel requirements first. Cheap fuel can make a big difference to lessen your car’s running costs. Those insignificant pennies are not so trivial when they start to add up. Gas Buddy locates the cheapest gas station near you, with just a simple touch. Available on both iOS and Android, this mobile app lets you search affordable filling stations using your current location or zip code. Most of the prices are based on user reports, so anyone who reports or updates a station’s gas price, Gas Buddy awards points to them for their submission. These points make you eligible for Gas Buddy’s regular raffles like free gas and other major discounts. Download Gas Buddy for free!

For those of you who own electric cars, install Plugshare. It is similar to Gas Buddy letting you locate cheap charging stations for your electric car.

  1. iOnRoad

We all notice the latest cars offering modern-tech safety features. You with your older, ‘less-equipped’ car can have the same features by downloading iOnRoad for as little as $0.99. The app offers collision warning, lane keep assist (to keep you from departing the lane unknowingly), speed sign detection, tailgate warning, and it also serves as a dash cam. Although iOnRoad doesn’t completely replace the smart-car features, because ironically you do have to distract your sight from the road and watch your phone screen, it still proves helpful.

  1. Beat the Traffic

Before you set out on a drive, it’s important to know which routes are easier and safer to take. Beat the Traffic ensures that you reach your destination smoothly, and most importantly, on time. It offers real-time traffic updates that are crowd-sourced by other users and picks out the quickest and easiest route for you to steer clear the traffic issues. This free app allows you to report an incident that hasn’t yet been uploaded to save other motorists getting stuck in the traffic.

  1. SpotHero

Most traffic issues arise in populated cities because of the drivers circling in search of a parking spot. The SpotHero app empowers millions of drivers to easily find an affordable parking spot. Like the Gas Buddy App, it enlists various parking spaces in your area and selects the most suitable ones. The best feature of SpotHero is that it allows you to reserve your desired parking spot without the need to rush over, and secures it before it’s gone.

  1. RoadTrippers

For a successful roadtrip you need to plan everything right from the start. From deciding parks to roadside attractions and other scenic locations, RoadTrippers is your trusted app. This free app is compatible with iOS and Android phones and helps you plan a perfect road trip. You can search for your favorite destinations and save them for later with easy access on multiple devices.