Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Washington D.C. Circulator Deploys Proterra Electric Buses Across Nation’s Capital

Electric bus maker Proterra announced that the Washington, D.C. Circulator system has deployed 14 battery-electric Catalyst E2 buses, which will bring clean, quiet, zero-emission transportation to more than 4,800,000 annual riders and the Circulator’s 189 drivers.


This deployment is representative of a growing national movement to go electric, joining other major metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Seattle, Dallas and many other transit fleets in the transition to zero-emission vehicles.

“This new fleet of electric buses will support our efforts to make Washington, D.C. the healthiest, greenest, and most livable city in the nation,” said Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. “The D.C. Circulator is one of the most popular transit systems in the city, and with this addition, we’re doing more to ensure we remain a sustainable, multimodal city for generations to come.”

Formed through a partnership between the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and DC Surface Transit (DCST), the D.C. Circulator system services six distinct routes across Washington, D.C. and Rosslyn, VA. In line with the DDOT’s comprehensive Sustainability Plan and related green infrastructure initiatives, which strive to improve the environment, social structure and economy of Washington, D.C., these 14 Proterra buses will reduce emissions and democratize electric transportation access to all riders throughout one of our nation’s most historic cities.

Currently, the Circulator provides door-to-door transportation to more than 25 museums, monuments and memorials along the National Mall. Providing more than five millions trips each year, the Circulator only costs $1 to ride, ensuring that residents, commuters, and visitors alike have access to fast and affordable transportation. Now, with the addition of 14 new battery-electric Proterra buses, these riders can experience the appeal of zero-emission transit options over traditional diesel-dependent alternatives.

With 14 Catalyst E2 buses, the D.C. Circulator will displace more than 88,900 gallons of diesel per year, and eliminate more than 243,980 pounds of CO2 emissions annually. In addition to the environmental benefits, the new highly efficient electric buses will also have a positive impact on DDOT’s bottom line, since they require less energy to operate and reduced maintenance. Over their 12-year lifetime, the 14 Proterra buses will result in fuel and maintenance cost savings of more than $6 million. The Catalyst E2 also holds the world record for an electric vehicle travelling 1,013.76 miles on a single charge.

“As one of the most vibrant and visited cities in the nation, Washington, D.C. is the perfect place for us to show citizens from across the country and the world that our technology not only dramatically reduces emissions, but also fundamentally improves the rider experience,” said Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra. “We are proud to partner with DDOT, WMATA and DCST, which have made zero-emission transportation for D.C. possible and continue to raise the bar for its passengers and community alike.”