Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
Renault Energy Services

Renault Energy Services Launches

Renault Energy Services will function somewhat as a start-up, aiming to invest in smart and efficient grid-related projects by duplicating advantaged connections with various energy companies’ stakeholders.

Renault Energy Services

The company mainly concentrates on the progression of smart charging, vehicle to grid interaction and re-chargeable batteries.

Renault’s major vice president of electric motors, Gilles Normand said that “The foundation of Renault Energy Services marks a significant leap into the future. Investing a substantial amount of money into smart grids is the key to increasing the EV industry’s scale”.

The Renault team intend to contribute towards the development of smart charging organisations. Its more advanced electric vehicles that are connected to smart grids will later benefit from low-carbon and more economical electricity.

In addition to enabling the development and progression of smart charging, smart grids favour both the interaction between electric vehicles and networks, and projects including re-chargeable batteries.

Smart charging helps to modify charging amounts as a function to meet the requirements of all customers in addition to the availability of energy and electricity via the grid. Batteries are usually charged when a supply exceeds the average demand – this would normally take place during the increase of availability in renewable energy production and when rates are at their lowest. Eden Commercials love the idea of Smart Charging, saying that ‘Saving energy has been a huge priority in recent times and at Eden Commercials, we are on board with Renaults plans.’

Electric vehicles provide the grid with electricity during their highest level of demand. By doing this, they not only benefit from the advantages of smart charging, but they also benefit from their temporary storage of energy too.

When the time comes for their life as a power source for electric vehicles to end, EV batteries will continue to be used to store a significant supply of energy.

As a result of giving batteries a second chance at life, to this day Renault have the ability to cover the entire spectrum of energy storage needs, ranging from individual homes to apartment blocks.