Sat. May 18th, 2024
Jaguar F

Lister Is Turning The Jaguar F-Pace Into The “World’s Fastest SUV”

Earlier this year, Lister Motor Company unveiled the LFT-666: a 666-horsepower Jaguar F-Type with in-house tuning, a new interior, and restyled looks. Now, it’s back with another custom high-horsepower Jaguar, and this time, it’s based on the F-Pace SUV. Meet the Lister LFP.

Jaguar F

The LFP looks much like the F-Pace it’s based on, albeit with a number of custom Lister touches. There are new bumpers, widebody fenders, new sideskirts, massive wheels, bigger brakes, and a bright yellow spoiler just to name a few. Lister says the LFP makes 670 horsepower, but didn’t specify in its announcement what sort of engine it will use. We’re guessing it’ll use a retuned version of the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 currently found in the F-Pace SVR—though we can’t be sure. The sprint from 0-60 mph is estimated to take just 3.5 seconds, neck-and-neck with a 707-horsepower Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

Lister claims the LFP will be the world’s fastest SUV, but has yet to confirm exact top speed—only that it will eclipse 200 mph. Currently, the fastest factory SUV you can buy is the 650-horsepower Lamborghini Urus, which has a top speed of 190 mph.

Lawrence Whittaker, owner of Lister Motor Company, confirmed to Road & Track via email that the LFP will be available for purchase in the US and Canada, just like the LFT-666. As for pricing, Lister says the LFP is estimated to start at around £140,000 (around $180,000 at current exchange rates) in the UK, but has yet to announce pricing on this side of the pond.

Lister says more info, like engine specs, interior pictures, and exact pricing, will come within the next few weeks. The company is already taking orders for the LFP, so if you’re interested in owning one, you should get in contact now before a huge line forms. Oh, and only 250 we be built. Better hurry.